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Blackjack is the no.1 casino game in the world and if played by the standard rules, it boasts one of the lowest house edges, giving us the best chance of winning. Our team is here to provide you with everything you need to know about the game of 21: the basic, intermediate and advanced strategies associated with maximising your chances of victory.

Not available to residents of United States
Not available to residents of United States
Not available to residents of United States
Not available to residents of United States

Often in an Australian land-based blackjack venue we can be destroyed by rule variances which increase the house edge. At online casinos, there is the opportunity to find better odds at trusted sites.

Blackjack.com.au was founded by a group of gambling enthusiasts and journalists from Melbourne who are passionate about all things 21 and the various offshoots associated with our favourite game.

It is our goal to provide you with an easy-to-access blackjack portal which allows you to make informed and intelligent decisions, based on facts, rather than luck.

Whether we are wandering through the blackjack tables at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, passing through Sydney Casino or playing on the virtual felts at various websites, we have got you covered.

Real money blackjack sites for Australians

The best online casinos have a number of things in common, including catering specifically for the AUD currency, having a good selection of both random number generated blackjack games and live dealer games, they use reputable software brands like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, they offer enticing sign-up bonuses and most importantly they have customer support 24/7.

Online versus land-based blackjack

The online blackjack arena is more than just a virtual substitute: it’s a growing, viable platform and has a significant amount of advantages over its land-based counterparts. The technology behind such software is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated; there is increased accessibility and convenience of play in the form of mobile and tablet gaming, more variety in game types and rules and an increased presence of live dealers via high-quality video streaming.

Web-based casinos have lower house edges due to the lack of overheads, and because of the many diverse variations they offer — games you would not find at land-based casinos. Ample low-stake and high-stake games are available to suit every type of gamer.

All of these advantages have closed the gap between Internet-based and land-based casinos, and with immediate 24/7 customer support available via live chat and phone.

There’s no doubting the great energetic atmosphere, ambient music and presence of lively companions at a brick and mortar casino while playing a game of blackjack. For many people, the concept of playing the world’s most popular card game anywhere but in a grand casino is an alien one, and replacing the table, dealer and other players with a computer screen and a mouse is still something many gamblers cannot fathom.

But the nature of gambling is forever changing – and fast, too. We see this with sports betting, and are seeing it more and more with the hundreds of available and secure Internet casinos. If you’re keen to get started at one, you’ll want to open an account with the best and safest gambling sites, and we are here to assist you in finding the ones which suits your personal preferences.

Internet Blackjack benefits

  • Accessibility
  • Lower House Edge
  • Better Payouts
  • Lower Minimum Bets
  • Live Dealers
  • Privacy
  • Organisation
  • Graphics, Themes & Ambient Sounds

Check out our in-depth feature about online blackjack advantages, too.

Mobile blackjack on smartphones & tablets

Get the Royal Vegas Casino mobile appPlaying games on your mobile device has become an incredibly popular way for Australians to gamble on the go. Software companies have seized the moment and have pumped millions of dollars into the development of real money blackjack games for mobile iGaming. This includes the development of gambling apps for Android and iOS, although Australians are limited in this field with only Royal Vegas having an app available.

All of our suggested casinos have taken advantage of the booming smartphone and tablet industries, making their software compatible with such devices. In either an easy-to-download format, or if you prefer, a browser-based (G’Day Casino, Guts Casino), instant-play set-up (All Slots, Royal Vegas) have all condensed their blackjack game-play to suit mobile play, so we can hit, stand, split and double whenever we feel like it. Blackjack practice play is also available before putting down real money.

While travelling to a casino and dressing up in that one shirt you always wear when you go clubbing is an indulging experience, playing from the comfort of your own home is much more convenient and requires little effort. There’s no need to reach over a group of players just to place a bet at the crowded $10 blackjack table.

The latest in mobile play has been the emergence of live dealer with various software companies seeing the growing opportunities on offer in this space. While the streaming can lag on a 3G connection, the newer Android and iOS devices (that we use) 4G connections are sufficient to enjoy live dealer blackjack (roulette and baccarat) from your smartphone or tablet.

Live Dealer blackjack games

Try Playboy live dealer blackjack

Many of us still like the authenticity of being dealt cards by live croupiers, which is why we will take the time to journey to a land-baed casino. It’s one of the pitfalls of gambling on the Internet that it lacks a social element, but this facet is constantly improving.

Game developers are constantly developing new ways to make it more interactive; it started with a basic live video feed of your blackjack dealer throwing the cards down on a table. Now you can interact with the dealer and other players, you can play side games in between hands and most importantly you can feel wanted.

This is not to say every live dealer provider is worth playing; like all things, there are good and bad eggs in the basket. Blackjack.com.au recommends these software companies live dealer platforms:

  • Microgaming
  • Ezugi
  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEntertainment
  • Playtech

Just like at a land-based casino there are high standard associated with these ‘live dealer hubs’ which are enforced by independent auditors and implemented by pit bosses.

Blackjack Tournaments

Are you looking to hone your skills in competitions to show dealers and other players how playing blackjack is really done? Keen to win even more money? All Slots and Royal Vegas provide regular BJ tournaments where we can play against other players and dealers with huge cash prizes to be won. These daily and weekly tournaments are offered in the following formats:

Free roll tourneys: No cost to enter, simply join in and have fun.
Buy-in tourneys: Buy a virtual seat (usually higher in stakes) and compete until one player remains.
Sit & Go tourneys: You start when enough players join the table and can hop up and leave at any time.
Pre-set tourneys: Scheduled tournaments starting at specific times.

These tournaments having varying buy-ins and sociable games available from our computer or mobile device. With huge central cash pools, plenty of awesome bonus prizes, and backed by the International Blackjack League, such tournaments have all of the variety and excitement of land-based blackjack tournaments.

AUD deposit options

Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to depositing at online casinos. Most of us will deposit using our credit or debit cards, which is instant, but there are various other methods available that have various waits associated with them.

Some of the more popular methods of depositing real money into your casino account include web wallets like Neteller and Skrill, which act like the online equivalent of the everyday wallet. They allow you to deposit and withdraw money in an instant manner although there are often low limits associated with transactions.

Bank transfers are also popular with Aussies with many online casinos like Royal Vegas holding a bank account at an AUD bank which allows you to transfer from your bank account to your chosen casino. There is not usually a limit associated with these transactions and it’s the most common way for high-stakes players to deposit.

A method available solely to Australian and New Zealand players is internet banking payment processor POLi which allows you to log into your bank via the third party and deposit money instantly into your playing account.

While there are other payment methods, the final one we will touch on prepaid cards. PaySafeCard (formerly uKash) is just one type that acts like a credit card. These types of cards can be bought online or in person at retail outlets like 7-Eleven.

Blackjack.com.au: Why we love 21

Blackjack has the distinction of being a part of several unique historic moments, such as being the first major card game brought along with the French colonists to North America in the 17th century to explode in popularity; igniting the staying power of the first taboo Nevada casinos in the 1930s, and driving the advancement of basic strategy, mathematical probability for card games in the early 1950s and subsequent computer software that spawned from the research – all from a game with a goal of 21.

Blackjack is our favourite casino card game for a number of reasons. Other than its rich history, it’s a game that is easy to play and always engaging to learn more of. Strategies and tactics are key to success – not just pure luck – and it’s always more exciting to win when your own skill is put to the test.

We’re passionate about the game of 21 and that’s why we’re the one-stop authority and information nexus on all of your blackjack inquiries – we know what we’re talking about and we love talking about it.

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