Victorians set to be slapped with heavy pokies restrictions

The Greens and ALP have agreed to further gambling reform in Victoria. Picture: ALP
Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan and the Greens have struck a deal for further gambling reform in Victoria. Picture: ALP.

Victorians are set to be restricted to losing $50 per day on poker machines after Jacinta Allan’s government struck a deal with the Greens.

The restrictions are set to force more Victorian pokies venues out of business, with many relying on the revenue from slot machines and gambling.

The Victorian Greens made the announcement in a press release, saying the $50 daily bet limit was aimed at curbing problem gambling.

The Greens and Victorian ALP have also agreed to overhaul the Community Benefit Scheme, which critics say provide a tax break for gambling venues.

Greens Spokesperson for Gambling Harm Reduction Katherine Copsey said these measures would have an immediate impact on Victorians being targeted by “predatory poker machines”.

“The Government needs to implement meaningful gambling harm reforms without delay and the Greens are pleased to have secured a commitment to a $50 daily default loss limit,” she said.

“This practical reform will have a real impact in curbing the horrible impacts predatory poker machines have on Victorians.” 

“The Community Benefits scheme isn’t delivering for communities, instead it’s offering a lucrative tax break for poker machine clubs. We look forward to working closely on overhauling this broken scheme.”

“The Greens are committed to continuing our work to reform this dangerous industry that profits off misery and harm.”

The last Victorian Government, under Daniel Andrews, announced a raft of changes to electronic gambling machine regulation in Victoria in July, 2023.

Under these reforms, to play pokies, players will have to agree to mandatory pre-commitment limits and carded play. They also announced, at the time, that poker machines daily limits were to be capped at $100, down from $1000.

The latest round of reforms are set to be introduced when carded poker machine play comes into force in 2025.