Legal Gambling Age in Australia

Legal Gambling AgeAustralia boasts arguably the most vibrant and diverse gambling scene in the world. Whether you enjoy hitting the blackjack tables at a traditional casino, willing your gallopers home from the track-side, or kicking back with a few beers and a bet at the local pub – there is something for everyone.

Recent figures show more than 80% of Australian adults participate in some form of gambling, making it one of the country’s largest and most lucrative industries. As such, there are strict rules and regulations the operators and we punters alike must follow, to make sure everything is safe, fair and legal. The most important is the enforcement of laws concerning the legal gambling age.

At What Age is it Legal to Bet in Australia?

In Australia, all participants in licensed games of chance must be at least 18 years of age. Each state is responsible for its own gambling legislature, with certain regulations varying from state to state, but the legal gambling age is fixed nationwide. Failure to comply with these laws is considered a criminal offence, and venues that allow under-age gambling can suffer severe penalties – including the removal of their gaming license.

Australian Laws for Online Casinos

The last decade has witnessed an enormous boom in Internet gambling, and an equally sharp rise in public discussion regarding gaming laws. The Australian Government has approved plenty of legislation on the matter in recent years, but many punters are unsure as to how that affects their right to gamble on the Web.

Prior to 2017, online gambling laws under the Interactive Gaming Act 2001 in Australia presented a bit of a grey area. While there were tight restrictions with regards to operating and advertising online gambling services in Australia, it remained perfectly legal for citizens to use online casinos in this country, provided the casino was operated from overseas.

Following the introduction of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 in September 2017, the grey areas were clarified and it was made clear that offshore casino sites would no longer be legally able to service the Australian market. If an offshore casino continues to welcome Australian players, they are doing so illegally and are at risk of prosecution, however, there is nothing in the Amendment Bill to prosecute Australians who continue to service these offshore websites. Given the strict laws prohibiting online gambling, we do not endorse any casino sites for Australian players. Any information we provide regarding online gambling is intended for international readers only.

Web casinos are subject to the same basic laws as all brick-and-mortar venues. All players must be 18 years or over, and site operators can request that account holders present evidence of various ID and proof-of-age documents – just as the security staff at a land-based gambling establishment would do. Such documents include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • State-issued ID card

Legal online gambling in Australia

Australia does have a thriving online gambling scene despite the crackdown on offshore casino sites.

Legal types of gambling in all states includes sports betting and lotteries with states and territories regulating them.

LottoLand has changed the face of traditional lotteries in Australia with it now possible to bet on the out come of many different draws around the world.

Online betting sites in Australia operate in a very regulated environment with it also a crowded market place, with the latest bookie to enter the fray n 2017 being

Other big betting companies include Crownbet, Sportsbet and William Hill.

State Gambling Authorities in Australia

As we mentioned earlier, each state and territory is charged with the legislation, supervision and licensing of gaming in its own jurisdiction. For more information on gambling regulations in your state, please check out the organisations below:

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

New South Wales

Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority

Northern Territory

NT Licensing Commission


Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation

South Australia

Independent Gambling Authority
Consumer and Business Services


Tasmanian Gaming Commission


Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

Western Australia

Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor