Jimmy Fallon and Michael Fassbender play blackjack with a twist

Blackjack was making headlines this week after The Tonight Show had a unique take on our favourite game.

Host Jimmy Fallon and guest Michael Fassbender, an acclaimed actor, played a few hands of Frozen Blackjack.

The game, which we highly recommend playing at home, follows the rules of blackjack until a loser is made.

The loser then has ice cold water poured down their pants – not something any self–respecting man wants. You can watch the carnage below.

Fallon has previously played Frozen Blackjack with Chris Evans, not of Top Gear fame, rather the actor best known for his role in Captain America.

Other bets between friends

Slap bet: This one we stole from How I Met Your Mother. When Marshall wins a bet against Barney he is allowed to slap his friend five times, with the slaps valid for “all of eternity”. Always fun.

Dinner: Nothing like a little extra on a game to give it some spice. It works very simply – the loser buys the winner dinner.

Fisherman’s bet: The stakes aren’t very high with no actual prize passing hands, but it comes down to pride. The winner has bragging rights until the next time a game is decided.